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Image Consulting

Look in the mirror more affectionately

Image consulting is nothing more than a (re)discovery process. Its goal is to harmonize your identity with your image. Our work together is to discover your style and make you connect with your self-esteem.

Color consultations

In this step, we discover which colors best harmonize with your natural beauty. The intention here is not to limit you, but to explore a world of colors that will enhance your image even more. In this process, we still discover which colors best adapt to your makeup, your hair, and your clothes.


Here we work your image and your message to the world. I believe that much of what is inside us is reflected on our outside, and that's why our look communicates so much. In visagism, we find out what your face shape is and, from that point on, we study which are the best cuts, hairstyles, and accessories for you.

Style Analysis

Through the style analysis, we identify your main characteristics and align your wardrobe according to your image objective. The intention is in no way to make you change your style or stop being who you are, but to build new possibilities by your side to dress well.

Physical Typology

It's time to find out what your body type is and all your body proportions. Discovering this, we will analyze together the models of clothes and looks that most value your body. Through your body morphology, we will access new ideas for combinations and insert pieces that make you feel more visually comfortable

Montagem de looks

Assembling looks will be much more fun from now on. You know that outfit you wear the same way, always? Let's create new concepts and new combinations with pieces you already have. The proposal is to teach you how to decorate your pieces and even multiply the clothes in your closet, just putting together new and practical looks.

Detox de Guarda-roupas

Letting go will be the first step in detoxing your wardrobe. The focus here is to filter your clothes, taking out pieces that you don't wear or that no longer make sense with who you are today, leaving only clothes that represent you. Let's analyze piece by piece and select those that do justice to your style.

Personal Shopping

As your personal shopper, I will accompany you when shopping for clothes and accessories, helping you to make the best choices, advising on the assembly of looks to take home, and also indicating the stores that best suit your style. I intend to encourage you to buy pieces that value you and that you will use for a long time

Choose the package that suits you best or hire my services separately.

Basfond Package

Complete and individual consultation with all services.

Highlights Package

Includes color consulting, style analysis, and physical typology.

It Girls Package

Color consulting for you and two friends.

Personal Bride