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My story

Find out more about my journey with fashion

About me

Well, I'm Evelyn Aducci, but you can call me Evy if you want. I studied Advertising and Propaganda, I danced ballet for most of my life, I graduated in Image Consulting at the European Center (one of the most complete courses in Brazil), I am a member of AICI (International Association of Image Consultants), and today I work with it.

My purpose with the consultancy is to create an accurate diagnosis of the look of my clients, expanding their options for haircuts, makeup, looks, and much more. Through the fashion and personal style of my clients, my intention is to let what already exists within each one blossom: their best version.

My story with fashion

You know when you've been in love with something since you were little, and you can't get it out of your head? Well, it was exactly like that with fashion. My passion for the fashion universe started when I was little, and every day I want to immerse myself in that world. 

I needed to learn to respect my processes, and can I tell you something? I am very passionate about my choices. I participated in classes with some of the best professionals in fashion consulting, and I continue to study and update myself daily. I am an image and style consultant, a specialist in brides, and in all the services I offer, my greatest desire is to bring out the best in you.

Just as I needed to find myself to really be who I am, I aim to help you (re)discover yourself and bring out the goddess that exists within you.