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Personal Bride

Aqui é onde a magia acontece. Meu trabalho como personal bride é deixar o dia dos seus sonhos ainda mais lindo e inesquecível, através de uma consultoria voltada para o seu visual de noiva

Color consultations

As with conventional image consulting, color consultation for brides is the process of discovering the colors that best suit your style and skin. In this step, we will do your color, make-up, and hair analysis, your online dossier and color chart, and the physical color chart.


Here we will understand what your face shape is, and from that point on we will study the best cuts, hairstyles, and accessories for you to use on your wedding day. Beyond such a special day, you can also follow our case study to apply it to your everyday look.

Style Analysis

To follow up on the big day's choices and understand what will be the best looks for you to take on your honeymoon trip, it will be essential to identify your style. From there, we will use your visual identity to search for wedding dresses and accessories that make sense.

Physical Typology

Here we will analyze your biotype, that is, your body shape and all its proportions. This point is essential in our journey, as it is in the sequence that we will find the dress models that most value and highlight their attributes.

Suitcase Assembly

Looking forward to the trip, huh? But don't worry, I'll help you assemble bags with the best looks for the honeymoon. My goal is for you to avoid carrying pieces that you are not going to wear during this period, leaving ready-made combinations of looks that will save you time when choosing which clothes to wear.

Wedding Dress

The most awaited part for a bride is undoubtedly the search for the ideal dress. I will be your faithful squire on this journey, ready to accompany and advise you in the search for a wedding dress that best matches your style, your goal, and your body proportions. 

Personal Shopping

I will be your personal shopper, that is, I will accompany you and advise you on your purchases of clothes and accessories. The idea is to choose accurate pieces, easy to combine and that are consistent with your image objective, body proportion, and personal coloring. 

Why have a personal bride?

Trust me, you'll have a lot to deal with before marriage, and it's even harder if you try to work it out on your own. But calm down, this is also my goal: to help and reassure you, so that you look stunning on your wedding day and can enjoy every moment. With the consultancy, we will be able to be punctual and objective when looking for clothes, accessories, and the wedding dress. I will help you choose the best stores for your style and guide you in finding the ideal makeup, hair, shoes, and clothes. 

Bridal Packages

I will help you to have an unforgettable day and I can guarantee that you will feel like a perfect princess.

Diamond Ring Package

Complete consultation of the bride + color consultation of the groom (bonus).

Well Married Package

Color consultation of the bride, mother of the bride, and mother of the groom.

Veil and Garland Pack

Color consultation, style analysis, and physical typology.

Rice Rain Pack

Color consultation of the bride, mother of the bride, mother of the groom and up to five bridesmaids.